Dust Control

Dust Control

Safe and Clean

General Linen is located in Stratford, Connecticut and offers quality mats, custom logo mats for your office and business anywhere throughout Connecticut, Rhode Island, North Jersey, Manhattan, as well as Westchester and Rockland counties in New York.

A safe, spotless business to ensure your spotless reputation.

Convenient and effective, General Linen's dust control solutions create a professional business environment for customers throughout Southern New England, and demonstrate your attention to detail. Our wet/dry mops work like dust magnets on dirt, dust and other fine particles, while our mat rental service keeps your floors and entrance areas clean by trapping water and dirt tracked into your business from outside or from other work areas.

Our comfortable mats are perfect for high-traffic paths or spill-prone areas such as kitchens, break rooms, vending machines, or drinking fountains. General Linen Service can also put your logo on mats to reinforce safety messages or help brand your company.

Safety is Paramount

Improve safety in your workplace by protecting your customers and employees from slips and falls with our wide variety of floor mats. General Linen Service's heavy-duty mats secure high-traffic areas while smaller mats prevent accidents throughout your organization. In addition, our mats also minimize static around computers and photocopiers.

It’s All In The Details

No matter where your door mats are located, outside door mats, kitchen floor mats or commercial entrance mats. Regardless of what your mats are used for entrance mats for business, industrial floor mats or outdoor play mats. They are all a reflection of your business!

In order to preserve a high-quality image, mats need to be professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Otherwise, they tarnish your company’s image and contribute to safety and health issues. General Linen’s door mats make a statement about your business to your customers. Our high quality, well-maintained rental mats reduce your floor maintenance costs while offering a wide variety of sizes, styles and colors to meet any need.
Simply put: General Linen’s door mats look good and work as hard as you do.  Consider us for all your floor mat needs:

  • Outside Door Mats
  • Anti Fatigue Mats
  • Commercial Entrance Mats
  • Door Mats
  • Entrance Mats for Business
  • Rubber Floor Mats
  • Kitchen Floor Mats
  • Industrial Floor Mats

Our Dust Control Solutions / Mats are commonly referred to as:

Walk off mats, Entrance mats, Floor mats, Floor Runners, Runner mat, Cashier mat, Kitchen mats, Restaurant kitchen mat, Cushion mats, Comfort mats, Comfort flow mats, Perforated mats, Waterhog mats, Scraper mat, Front door mat, Brush mat, Logo mat, Custom Logo mat, Message mat, Custom mat, Mat rentals, Rental mats, Rental doormats, Mat service, Restaurant mats, Safety mats, Industrial mats, Industrial entry mat, Image mat, Anti-fatigue mat, Anti-slip mat, Traditional mat, Sanitary mat, Weekly mat  cleaning service, Grease-proof mats, Static dissipative, ADA compliant mats.

If your business is located within CT, RI, North Jersey, Manhattan or Westchester and Rockland counties in New York, we would be honored to service you!

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