Affiliations & Memberships

At General Linen, we’re proud to be a part of local and industry organizations. By being a part of these groups, we stay connected to our customers, their industries, and also stay informed of best practices in all that we do.

Here are the different local and industry organizations that we are connected to and participate in.

Linen & Textile Industry Organizations

Insustry associations are one way we continue to educate our staff, improve processes and upgrade our equipment. We learn from industry experts and other leading linen companies to ensure we implement the best practices to serve our customers and our staff.

Local Organizations

We work with many types of local businesses. We’re a part of several local organizations and other associations that support our customers.

Specialized Industry Organizations

Ensuring our processes and product offerings meet the needs of our customers is a top priority. Staying involved with these industry organizations, we’re able to support the changing requirements.

Being connected has many advantages and benefits for our company, for our employees and for our customers. We value these industry partnerships. If you’d like to learn more about our involvement with these or other groups, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!