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Outfitting Key Industries Throughout New England

With over 80 years of experience, we are experts and leaders in the linen and uniform industry. We service a wide range of customers throughout New England with a variety of needs in multiple industries, including healthcare, food service, hospitality, industrial and even corporate apparel. Let General Linen deliver clean uniforms to your doorstep, all laundered, sanitized and prepped to help keep your employees and your business on track

Dedicated Expert Team

Since 1938, General Linen Service has been fully dedicated to providing the highest quality commercial linen service and rental programs. From ordering, inventory control and helping you manage within your budget, our goal is to provide you with complete rental program services, effortlessly and efficiently, so you can focus on what you do best—taking care of your business.

Healthcare Uniforms

Our Hygienically Clean Certification for Healthcare garments gives you peace of mind for all items we provide for medical facilities and caregivers. From lab coats and scrubs to patient gowns, and barrier coats, we have garments to keep your facility running.

Food Service & Hospitality Uniforms

Our foodservice and hospitality garments are available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and sizes to fit all of your staff – from head chef to wait staff to maître d’. Our attention to detail makes your staff look professional and feel comfortable.

Industrial Workwear & Manufacturing Uniforms

When you think of employees in uniform, these are the hard-working men and women that come to mind. They’re working in manufacturing and industrial space. They are the machine operators, maintenance and assembly people, and even those on the loading docks.

Corporate Apparel

Custom branded polo shirts, button-up shirts, jackets and more promote your business and image in any environment. We’ll customize each item with your company logo helping your employees make a great first impression.

Why Use a Uniform Rental Program?

Clean and professional-looking staff can dramatically enhance your credibility and your workplace image to customers and potential employees. Quality uniforms also facilitate morale, boost production, and reflect your organizational integrity. Give your employees the level of respect they deserve. And demonstrate your dedication to superior service – for your customers. A few more top reasons to have a uniform rental program:

  • Uniform Programs Enhance Company Image. Your employees become walking advertisements for your company and brand.
  • Uniforms Increase Safety. Proper uniform garments for the job being done keep workers safe on the job.
  • Uniforms Impact Security. When employees all wear uniforms, they’re easily recognized in the workplace. And those who are not in uniform stand out.
  • Improve Brand Reputation. Studies have shown that 80% of the public is very favorable to uniforms. Employees in uniforms make a positive impact

Direct Purchase Uniform Program

We also sell garments to customers for them to manage their own uniforms and garments. All of the same items we offer in our traditional rental programs are available for sale. You can select the garment styles, colors, quantities, sizes and we’ll customize with your logo and employee names.

What’s Included in a Uniform Rental Program?

Every uniform rental program is based on our customers’ business size and unique needs. Our promise is to work collaboratively with our customers to ensure their business is getting the types of garments and delivery schedules that are right for them, and bill accordingly.

11 Sets of Uniforms

Most uniform programs include 11 sets of uniforms for each employee. This is based on those who work 5 days a week. They have 1 uniform to wear that day at work, 5 uniforms for the work week ahead and 5 being laundered. Every week, we pick up the dirty clothes, (even towels and mats), and return them clean the following week.

Consistent Repairs & Replacements

All of our uniform rental programs also include our consistent garment repairs or replacement. We inspect each garment throughout our laundry process for needed repairs, and often catch 90% of them before your employee ever needs to request one.

Guaranteed Complete Deliveries

One of the biggest complains with uniform rental programs is missing garments. We avoid this by equipped each garment with an RFID chip that we use to verify receipt at our facility, proper washing and handling internally, and that all garments are bundled for complete delivery back to your employees..

Why Choose General Linen for Your Uniform Program?

Since 1938, we have been fully dedicated to providing the highest quality commercial linen and uniform services to businesses all over New England. We work with businesses to help them create and manage these rental programs within their budget.

Live Local. Buy Local. It’s woven into the fabric of our community and the states we serve. As a locally owned business, we have a leadership team that customers can reach if ever needed. Our team is committed to helping our business get the right mix of uniform garments and other products for your operations.

Contact us today to learn more about our uniform rental programs.