Keep Clean with Kitchen & Bar Towels from General Linen

waitress using kitchen and bar towels

No reason to worry about every little spill when you can easily reach for a clean kitchen or bar towel from General Linen. Towels are being used in many different workplaces – from restaurants to auto shops, the towel will continue to be a staple in keeping your business spotless.

Using a towel rental service from General Linen can keep your business on track, especially when paired with our uniform rental program. Our towels are laundered and sanitized weekly, and our route managers track and restock your towel supply weekly, too.

  • Cotton Shop Towels
  • Kitchen and Bar Towels
  • Microfiber Towels
  • Bath and Gym Towels

Why use our towel rental program over disposable towels?

No upfront towel investment.

Disposable towels require you to purchase new towels week after week, but with our towel rental program, you’ll get them delivered and invoiced alongside your uniform rental program.

Save money, save the environment.

Our towel rental service saves money by 1) not having to constantly buy more towels, 2) disposable towels can only be used once before throwing them away, and 3) avoiding extra costs to have soiled towels properly disposed of. Our towel program provides a sanitary and effective service allowing towels to be reused. You’re keeping money in your pocket and garbage out of landfills.

Remain compliant.

If your workplace uses towels to clean up oil, chemicals, or other special substances, you’re probably required to dispose of the towels in a unique, safe way. When you rent from General Linen, leave worrying about compliant disposal and washing to us, and focus on how clean your facility is.

Never run out of supplies.

With weekly visits from your route manager, have peace of mind that you’ll always have enough towels- no matter how big the spill is.