More Than Just a Floor Mat

When most people look at floor mats, if they even notice them, they normally view them as something that ties an office together or something they wipe their feet on before going inside. While floor mats certainly are there to wipe your shoes off, they are a versatile product to have in your building. Entrance and floor mat rental programs help your business save money, time, prevent injuries and even increase productivity. 

1. Floor Mat Programs Save Time

Entrance mats trap dirt and debris from getting in the building. This saves time for cleaning. Think about your custodial team that makes rounds at the end of each day. Approximately 39% of their time will be spent on floor care. By investing in entrance and floor mats, they can trap up to 85% of dirt, saving your cleaning team time on floor care.

2. Mat Rental Programs Save Money

Just like saving time, entrance and floor mats save money. Keeping all the dirt and debris outside, stopping it at the mat!  By spending at least $1 on keeping soil out of your building, you will save at least $10 in removing soil and other debris inside. Your staff, customers, and floors will thank you!

3. Floor Mats Can Prevent Injury

Slip and fall accidents? No thank you! Floor mats can help avoid slip and fall accidents.

Having an accidental injury take place at your business, whether it be visitors or your employees, can be costly. Did you know that a slip-related injury costs an average of $12,000; and defending a slip-and-fall lawsuit costs an average of $50,000? By having floor mats in your business, you can prevent slip-and-fall injuries from happening by trapping moisture and debris immediately.

4. Floor Mats Can Increase Productivity

Did you know that standing on a concrete floor for eight hours can make an employee 33% less productive; however, if you have an anti-fatigue mat then employee productivity increases by 20% to 50%. Let’s face it, anyone who is standing all day, will want something to cushion their feet, back and legs.

Need Floor Mats For Your Business? Contact General Linen!

At General Linen, we have a robust floor mat rental program with options for any type of business. From our comfort flow mats ideal for kitchens and other areas prone to grease and moisture to entrance and scraper mats for entryways, shop floors or office hallways, we have options for you. Contact us today to learn more.