Hi, We’re General Linen

Our company has been here in New Hampshire for over 80 years. We’re family owned and operated, and are one of the New England’s largest linen management and uniform rental companies. If you’d like, you can see more of our company’s history here.

With 3 generations and 8 decades, we’ve seen a lot of changes to our business, to the communities we serve and even the world. Change is constant, and the last few years have shown that over and over and over again.

When Covid hit and shutdowns were the norm, we saw nearly all of our restaurant customers forced to temporarily close their doors. Everyone was impacted, including ourselves. Those closed restaurants meant no one needed table linens, napkins or chef uniforms.

Just as we have adapted in previous decades, General Linen continued to innovate and evolve the last few years. And we’re not done yet!

Investing in Our Vision for The Future

In 2019 Shane Drolet, who is a 3rd generation owner, bought the company from other family members. Since then, he has made significant investments in the company, adding a new leadership team in 2020 and substantial investments in our facilities, equipment, and people.

We’ve doubled down on core values for our staff, our customers and our community:

  • Safety First, which is always at the forefront of our decision making
  • Integrity, conducting ourselves with honest, ethical and moral commitment
  • Loyalty, honoring our commitments to our customers and teammates

We also focused in on core products and services, to ensure we deliver the best of the best to our customers. This led to some changes in what we carry, including a reduction in some offerings but all to ensure exceptional programs, laundering, and delivery for customers in multiple industries.

Look for more updates and information about our leadership team coming soon!

Brand Refresh. More Than a Logo.

If you have been with us since the beginning, you may have noticed a few differences – our logo and website are different! We’ve incorporated elements of our past, present, and future to create a logo and brand for the company. With a fresh, new logo and a modern, informational website, we’re setting the tone for a bright future.

And something new, too! Throughout the pandemic, our leadership team also saw the need for increased capabilities to serve the many medical and healthcare facilities in New England. Thus, we introduced GenMed, our dedicated medical linen division in October 2021.

Soon, you’ll see our own employees in new uniforms, updated delivery vehicles, which are already starting to roll out, and materials, as well as upgrades to our facilities.

GenMed. Medical Linens Division

The healthcare and medical industry continues to grow here in New England. Healthcare workers have been heroes the last few years. And, as our customers’ needs have grown, we’ve adapted to add additional capabilities, equipment, and compliance certifications to serve medical facilities of all types now and into the future.

This includes Clean Green and Hygienically Clean certifications from the Textile Rental Service Association (TRSA). Both of these certifications demonstrate our commitment to best practices in the handling and laundering of medical linens and uniforms. We also invest in environmentally friendly processes and equipment to reduce our environmental impact.

What’s In It For You?

We’re a growing company with four locations in New England. We’re adding employees to support our growth, with many positions available. Our entire company is committed to a culture of growth and success for our employees, our team, the company and our customers.  

If you’re an area business looking for a local uniform rental provider or a linen management provider, we invite you to learn more about General Linen. Contact us today.