Prevent Healthcare Linen Loss with Help from GenMed

Healthcare facilities depend on high-quality linens to ensure patient comfort and safety. However, the management of these linens can be challenging. Lost or damaged linens lead to increased costs and reduced patient satisfaction. This is why it’s crucial for healthcare facilities to have a reliable linen management system in place.

At General Linen, we understand the importance of linen management in the healthcare industry. We offer GenMed, a comprehensive linen management system that helps healthcare facilities prevent linen loss and improve overall efficiency. 

What is GenMed?

GenMed is a linen management system that provides healthcare facilities with a complete solution for managing their linen inventory. The system includes a variety of features designed to prevent linen loss, improve inventory management, and increase overall efficiency. Here are some of the ways we prevent healthcare linen loss with help from GenMed:

Real-Time Reporting

Prevent healthcare linen loss with help from GenMed and provide real-time reporting on linen usage, inventory levels, and other key metrics. This allows healthcare facilities to make data-driven decisions about their linen management practices and identify areas where improvements can be made.

Online Portal

GenMed includes an online portal that allows healthcare facilities to view their linen inventory and track usage in real time. This portal also allows facilities to place orders, schedule deliveries, and view invoices.

Preventative Maintenance

Our industry-leading linen management system includes preventative maintenance features that help healthcare facilities identify and repair damaged linens before they are lost. By catching damaged linens early, facilities reduce the need for costly replacements and ensure linen inventory is always optimized.


With GenMed, healthcare facilities can hold staff members accountable for their linen usage. By tracking each piece of linen in real-time, facilities can identify who is using linens and ensure that they are used appropriately. This improves overall accountability and reduces the risk of lost or damaged linens.

The Value of Comprehensive Service in Patient Care

Preventing healthcare linen loss is critical to maintaining high-quality patient care while minimizing expenses. Proper management of healthcare linens helps hospitals reduce the costs associated with linen replacement and laundering while ensuring that patients receive clean, comfortable, and hygienic fabrics. 

GenMed from General Linen provides comprehensive linen management solutions like inventory tracking, linen rotation, and replacement services, which reduce linen loss and minimize costs. By preventing linen loss and ensuring proper linen management, your facility can focus on delivering high-quality care while maintaining efficient operations.

General Linen is Your #1 Provider in Preventing Healthcare Linen Loss 

Linen management is a critical component of healthcare facilities operations. With GenMed in your corner, prevent healthcare linen loss with help from GenMed and ensure that their linen inventory is always up to par with the demands of a grueling day in healthcare. 

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