It Is All About Family

For 84 years, General Linen has been family-owned and operated, which has provided us with a rich history. Lucien Drolet founded the company in 1938, and by 1954, he was able to purchase commercial laundering equipment., In 1960, Lucian purchased a new facility in Somersworth. In the 1970s, his sons David and Marc joined the General Linen family, working full-time and investing in the company’s very first computer system. In 2011, Shane Drolet, bought half of the company from his father, Marc, and the other half in 2019 from his Uncle, David, becoming the 3rd generation owner. As the President and CEO, Shane continues the family legacy for the business, making significant investments in people, technology and programs.

All three generations of Drolets have one thing in common during their time at General Linen – investing in the family business is important for its success. We have made significant investments in 2021 for our operations, customers, and employees.

You Are Family at General Linen

When choosing your linen and uniform rental provider, we acknowledge that we might be a bit biased when we say choosing a local, family-owned and operated provider is the best investment you can make in your business. However, besides being treated like family when you choose a local provider, there are many more benefits compared to a national provider.

No Phone Tree

Let’s face it, when you call a national provider you often get the run around at a call center, sit on hold for ages, and if you’re lucky, you finally reach the person you are looking for. It can be frustrating to realize how much time has been wasted, time that could have been spent working on your business. When you call General Linen, you will get to the right person within seconds and your questions will be answered immediately. We offer nothing but the best for our family.

No Hidden Fees

We understand that there are many costs that are associated with your business. When you choose General Linen as your uniform and linen provider, we will give you a clear invoice and work with you to find the best uniform program for your needs. We promise to never sneak in hidden fees through a complex invoice, we give it to you clear as day, and are always available to answer any questions.

Always The Personal Touch

With the same Route Representative assigned to your account, no hierarchical runaround on the phone, and having a real person answering your calls, you will always get the personal touch at General Linen.

Interested in switching uniform providers and getting treated like family? Contact us today, we would love to have you!