Kitchen Staff


A restaurant’s kitchen staff plays a huge role in customer satisfaction and affects the overall perception. It’s imperative that staff are wearing professional, clean, and functional clothing; therefore, showing that they care without even having to say a word.

General Linen’s kitchen uniform rental service keeps your employees outfitted in high-quality uniforms that will impress your patrons when they get a glance at your kitchen staff doing what they do best. It’s not easy keeping up appearances 24/7, but using our uniform management service lets you run your business while we keep your employees looking spotless.

Why Outfit Your Back of House with Uniforms from General Linen?

No upfront investment

Get up and running quickly with high-quality, uniforms provided by General Linen – without a hefty investment.

Stock ready and available

General Linen’s route representatives will restock your inventory every week, so you’ll never have to go out in search of a replacement garment that was never even purchased.

Save money keeping up appearances

Uniforms can be expensive to replace, especially after investing in a few more “durable” ones. What’s more, they only remain in acceptable condition for so long! Choosing General Linen to supply your garments will guarantee employees always look clean, the uniforms are in great condition, and you won’t have to stress about any additional costs from mending or replacing.

Guaranteed sanitation

Cleaning uniforms often falls on the shoulders of the worker who bought their own, and it’s easy to forget or just to keep using the same one. They’re just going to get dirty the next day anyway! Maintain hygiene standards while General Linen launders and sanitizes your garments for you.

Knock out your dirty uniforms with General Linen! Learn more about how we can keep your kitchen running smoothly with our back-of-house uniform rental services by contacting us today.