Servers and Front of House

Front of House Server

Make an Unforgettable First Impression that will Bring Customers Back

The front of house and the uniforms worn there are the first and last things customers see during their restaurant experience. It’s important to provide your customers with a good atmosphere and efficiency, which is reflected in the rest of the restaurant. Servers, hosts or hostesses, bartenders, and general managers should all be friendly and attentive to all customers, coming and going. Wearing the right uniform can also increase the positive perception of patrons.

Outfitting your front-of-house staff in clean and functional uniforms will allow them to do their job to the highest standard while making a great first impression on customers. Don’t let your eating and drinking experience be overshadowed by dirty uniforms or an unorganized staff. General Linen’s uniform rental program will keep your staff in fresh garments delivered weekly.

The General Linen Difference

RFID Tracking

Unmatched Customer Service

A Trusted Local Company

RFID tracking lets us keep track of employees’ garments that have been sent in to be laundered. It also allows us to make sure deliveries are complete with no missing items and assists in accurate invoicing. See how else RFID tracking helps us make your life easier!

General Linen will work with you to create the rental service that makes the most sense for your company. If you ever experience an issue, you’ll be able to contact a real employee that will resolve the problem quickly and efficiently.

As a local company, General Linen will treat you like part of the family. There will be no hidden fees and communication will be clear and transparent. We’re dedicated to giving all of our customers the best experience possible.

Learn more about how General Linen can help your business with our server and front uniform rental services by contacting us today.