Get High-Quality Industrial Work Pants and Jeans from General Linen

Industrial work pants and jeans from General Linen

Working in the industrial environment is usually paired with dirty uniforms. It’s hard work and it’s hard on your clothes too. However, your team can still look professional on the job. 

Many other professions that entail working from home or sitting at a desk don’t need the same uniform attention that industrial jobs do. Industrial uniforms need to be durable, yet comfortable. There are workplace hazards that need to be accounted for but shouldn’t sacrifice how your uniform feels. It can be tough to find and replace the perfect uniform in a pinch.

When you partner with General Linen, we take care of the uniforms so you can focus on your work. Our full laundry service with weekly deliveries makes sure your industrial work pants and jeans are clean and ready when you need them.

Why Should You Get Your Industrial Work Pants and Jeans from General Linen?

We’re An Experienced Local Provider

With over 80 years of experience, we’ve improved and refined our process. We know how to treat our customers like they are part of the team and provide the best locally owned service. As a family-owned business from day one, you’ll find attention to detail that can’t be matched by national providers.

Care For The Environment

At General Linen, we’ve made a commitment to sustainability and doing business responsibly. That’s why we go the extra mile to save water and energy wherever possible. It’s our goal to leave the environment in a better place than we found it for the next generation.

Improved Experience Using RFID Technology

It was an easy choice to invest in RFID technology for our rental programs. This technology allows us to keep track of all of your garments making sure your entire order gets delivered to you on schedule–every time. Furthermore, most national providers neglect to use RFID technology. Even more reason to work with a dedicated local company.

Supply your team with high-quality industrial work pants and jeans from General Linen! Learn more about us and the services we offer by reaching out today!